Thursday, November 1, 2018

Just when you thought you were stopping at home until the next big trip. you get a little surprise!

As luck would have it, the opportunity to take a 9-day China Deal through Groupon popped up.  Carly, the youngest daughter pick Moi as her plus one, so Moi jumped at the chance whilst still maintaining a sad face because it means leaving the Gaz behind. But the price was too good to refuse especially as it includes airfares.

So, for this trip the Gaz is being replaced by the Car, hence the heading Carnjo! How is that for a little Mother Daughter bonding!!

Our trip starts with four days discovering Chengdu, four days sailing the Yangtze, on the Yangtze Gold 6.

Now this blog maybe a little hit and miss as I am not sure what I will be able to send out over Chinese Internet. 

I know that Google is Taboo which means Gmail is useless, Facebook is also a no go… So I have just spent an hour reincarnating my old Yahoo account in case Optus doesn’t work!!

Communication with home will have to be with either WhatsApp or my travelsim card. * update..... WeChat is the app to go for.... all the chinese use it, messaging, phone calls even paying for good.

So a good chance that blog updates will not happen till I get home…

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