Thursday, November 29, 2018

7 Chengdu Highlights - Wide and Narrow Streets Part 1

At the start of our day we all piled into our bus under the direction of our
local guide Flora with our SNA host William working the background to ensure
everything went well.
Our group was a good mix, we had the Contiki tour up the back, our Chinese
family in the middle and our Taree representatives down the front.
First stop was at the wide and narrow streets of Chengdu. Streets linked by
alleys, lined with shops, restaurants and tea houses. Shop keepers, waiters
and performers traditionally dressed, so authentic right down to the
beautifully applied makeup or wonderfully painted masks.
Amazing old architecture restored and repurposed into shop fronts selling
trinkets of all kind begging to bought and taken home as a reminder of your
visit to this interesting place.
A couple of Artisans that tickled my fancy.. Sugar Art.. Shapes made from
toffee. no sand in jars here .. They have flymo artists creating models of
some very popular icons.

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