Monday, December 10, 2018

9 Chengdu - Peoples Park

Parks Play an important part in China’s society.  Maybe because China is so densely populated. No backyards and picket fences here, just blocks and blocks of apartments tower on mass throughout the cities.  So many people, especially retirees flock to the parks to relax, socialise and enjoy life. 

Peoples park in Chengdu is one of those hubs… Beautiful gardens provide the back drop to this social mecca.. Here you can join an impromptu choir, dance for fun or watch others show off their skills. Musicians busking not for money but for your enjoyment. Sit in one of the oldest teahouses and enjoy some tea and have a chat. Groups gather to play cards or mah-jong… As I mentioned the gardens were beautiful with wonderful displays of colour, flower artistry and wonderful topiaries. 

Now a side note, in the park there were monitors that measured the noise within the park… I wanted to write something about it, so to get my facts right I googled it… well…. Apparently this park had the reputation of being the noisiest park in China, thanks to those rowdy retirees who didn’t want to sit and home and vegetate…  Rather than go too much into it … have a read of this light hearted description

But here is what peaked our interest the most!  No need for Tinder in China, because you have Match Making street in nearly all major city parks. Here people come to arrange good marriages..  Walking along the lane you see mainly handwritten signs advertising a prospective husband or wife, details of age, height, employment and wealth..  Technology still does have a presence here cause if you are interested out comes the iPad with photo’s for your perusal. It must work if the crowds are any indication.  Groups huddle together in what looks like negotiations where those with the  best prospects win!

I did offer to auction off anyone interested from the Contiki Club!