Wednesday, January 1, 2020

13 A new place to sleep - Holiday Inn Chengdu High-Tech and a traditonal Sichuan Hot Pot

Crown Plaza - Chengdu West
This trip was organised as a famil, so SNA wanted us to experience all the opportunities that China had to offer.  This also meant trying out a few of their accommodation options.

First it was the classy Crowne Plaza and now they have moved us to the more standard option of Holiday Inn.  As far as accommodation standards, there was not much of a difference between the two, well the Holiday Inn room did not smell of smoke as bad as the room at the Crowne Plaza.

There is another Crowne Plaza (Chengdu West) that is connected to this Holiday Inn and they took us for a tour of both.  As guests of Holiday Inn you were able to use the facilities connected to the Crowne Plaza including bars and restaurants.  In public areas there was a visual difference between the two, but we were more than happy with our accommodation.

Holiday Inn - High Tech

On our second evening at the hotel we were treated to traditional Sichuan Hot Pot, not our first experience as you may remember my post from our first night here....

Basically we chose our base soup, and then chose our meats and vegetables.  Like a fondue you drop your chosen ingredients into your pot and let it simmer over your personal burner.  All I can say is lucky we had several fellow travellers of Chinese persuasion to help us along.  It was delicious and not one baby frog was harmed in the process...


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