Saturday, November 17, 2018

5 Tastes just like Chicken..... until you know what it is...

Beneath the square we found lots of shops, food stalls and restaurants. The shops were quirky and geared for the tourists, and as tourists we contributed to the economy.

 Lots of restaurants with spruikers out front touting for your business.

Calling out to us in language we didn't understand, we succumbed to persistence of one particular lady. We followed the golden rule, eat where the locals eat... but hang on, everyone is a local except us!

Taking our seats, we were given menus with pictures of food we could not recognise. "Any chicken, beef?" We tried to ask, looking into their blank faces we scrambled for our phones. With a flurry of fingers, we typed, then they typed.

 Ok, so the chicken didn't look as exciting as the hot pot on the opposite page of the menu ... "chicken?" we pointed "no", "what is it?", back to our phones... hmm no translation that made sense... "Pingwa, Pingwa" she kept saying. Carly looked at me, I looked at her and we shrugged and said " Let's just do it"

his region is famous for it's spicy food and hot pots, so we knew we were on a good thing... A tall carafe full of an amber liquid, sitting on the table reminded me of an oversized specimen bottle, and as Carly felt the warm of the glass we realised it must be tea, pretty dark for Chinese standards.

So out comes the gas burner into the middle of the table, the excitement started to build... then came the wok, the rich colour alone, screamed I am full of flavour.

But the protein didn't look right, it was white, a little translucent and a bone structure we had never seen before. So petite where the pieces that my first thought was quail, or may be it is pigeon. We picked up the pieces, those joints, that tiny piece of thigh, those little tiny digits at the end of that leg, evoked suspicions that we were about to eat something more sinister.

Our hot pot was full of chillies, lovely green vegetable, ginger, lotus roots, large flat noodles and this meat that turned out "tasted just like chicken".

After eating most of it, we decided to head back flagging down a taxi then going through the process of trying to have him understand exactly where we wanted to go.

Once back at the hotel our first job was to find out what we ate.

Drum roll please!!!!!

It was..... ready for it ...... Baby frog! Urghhhh, now I feel sick 🤕

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